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Cervical Rib

Cervical Rib
Cervical Rib

Cervical Rib

This is an extra rib present in d neck in about 1 to 2% subject
mostly on Rt side
it is d ant tubercle of d transverse proces of d 7th cervical vertebra whch atains excesive devlopment and result in cervical rib

¤ Types

1. Free end of d rib is expanded in2 a hard, bony mass whch can b felt in d neck
2. Complete cervical rib extend 4m c7 vertebra posteriorly 2 d manubrium ant
3. Incomplte cervical rb ir partly bony partly fibrous
4. A complete fibrous band whch gives rise 2 symptms but cant be diagnosed by x ray

¤ Clinicl features

1. Common in young females, it is congenital but symptoms apears only aftr puberty
2. Dull aching pain in d neck is causd by expanded bony emd of cervicl rib
3. Features of uper limb ishaemia
_claudication pain
_low temperature, palor, sweating, splinter hemorrhage, ischemic ulcers in finger and gangrene of d skin
4. Featurs of ulnar nerve paralysis
_paralysis of intercostal muscles, wasting of hypothenar muscles, tinglin, numbness
_it is tested by card test and froments sign
5. A hard mass may be visible or palpable in d root


1. Cervical spondylosis
2. Cervical disc protrusion and spinal cord tumour
3. Carpal tunnel syndrome
4. Raynauds phenomen
5. Pancost tumour

¤ Investigations

1. X ray neck

¤ Treatment

1. conservative
shouldr girdle exercises and correction of favlty posture


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