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Absolute signs of pregnancy How to Check Pregnancy, and Its Semptoms.

Absolute signs of pregnancy How to Check Pregnancy, and Its Semptoms

1.) Palpation of fetal parts and perception of active fetal movements by examiner at 20th week
2.) Auscultation of fetal heart sound in beat.
3.) Ultrasound evidence of embryo as early as 6th week
4.) Radiological demostration of fetal skeleton at 16th week and onwards

thanks for Reading.

Abruptio placentae

Abruptio placentae

Abruptio placentae
Abruptio placentae
it is one form of APH where the bleeding occurs due to premature saperation of normally situated placenta.

1 reveled 2 concealed 3 mixed..

the prevalence is more common with 1 high birth order,advancing age of mother,poor socio economic states,malnutrion,smoking.
Hypertension in pregnancy is most imp factor.Trauma,sudden uterine decompression,short cord,sick placenta,folic acid deficiency,torsion of uterus are associted with.

3rd stage of labor

3rd Stage of Labor

3rd stage of labor
3rd stage of labor

3rd stage is d most crucial stage of labour.

Principles undrlying managment of 3rd stage r
-to ensur strict vigilance
-to folow d managment guidlines strictly in practice
-to prevent complications, d imp one being PPH

A) Expectant managment (Traditional)-
in dis managment, d placental sepration & its descent in2 vagina r alowd 2 ocur spontaneously. Minimal asistanc may b givn for d placental expulsion if it needed

#constant watch is mandatory & patient shudnt b left one

1 stage of labour

1 stage of labour

It starts from onset of true labour pain & ends with two dilatation of cervix. Also called cervical stage..
Duration-12 hours in primigravidae & 6 hrs in multiparae.

1 stage of labour
1 stage of labour


a> dilatation & effacement of cervix
b> full formation of lower uterine segment
     aim=preparation of birth canal so as to facilitate expulsion of fetus in 2 stage
A> dilatation of cervix=
-in prelabour stage there may be little dilatation of cervix specially in multiparae
  factors which favours smooth dilatation=softening of cervix,accumulation of fluid in between collagen fibres,increased vascularity,breaking down of collagen fibres by collagenase & elastase, change in various glycosaminoglycans,

Factors Responsible:-

1) uterine contraction & retraction
2) bag of membranes=with the onset of labours membranes attached to the lower uterine segment are detached & with the rise  in intrauterine pressure during contraction there is herniation of membranes throgh cervical canal.

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